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Costing Models    
This model is suitable for customers with well defined requirements and project schedules. Under this option, the customer pays a pre-negotiated fixed price for the complete project which in turn is linked to well defined deliverables.
This model is executed as per the following steps:
  • Customer forwards the requirement definition to BrainBuyers Technologies.

  • Our System Analyst studies the requirements and seeks clarifications, if any.

  • Based on finalized requirements, a detailed proposal is submitted to the customer along with time frame and cost estimate.

  • Upon acceptance of the proposal by the customer, Software Design Document (SDD) and Work Break-down Structure (WBS) based project plan incorporating clearly defined deliverables is prepared and submitted to the customer.

  • Simultaneously under a parallel activity, development and testing environments are set up and the rest of the project team is assembled.

  • The development, quality assurance and all other project related activities are competently managed, transparently communicated and seamlessly delivered.

  • On completion of the final deliverable, acceptance testing, deployment, user training and handover is carried out at the customer site.

  • During the field trials and after release, BrainBuyers Technologies provides post-delivery services, as desired by the customer.

  • Our post-release corrective, adaptive and perfective maintenance services take care of the enhancements and bug fixes.
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